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Mission and Goals

Despite the documented need of boys and men for mental health services, males across all ages are under-represented in actually receiving the appropriate care. Boys and men are affected by depression, substance abuse, intimate partner violence, bullying, adolescent at-risk behaviors, and more.

Specifically, the goals of the Center are as follows:

  1. Provide a nationally-available resource location for research on men and masculinity conducted by CSUF faculty.
  2. Facilitate a collaborative, interdisciplinary environment for scholarship and grants.
  3. Provide community outreach programs to the CSUF community, local schools, mental health agencies, hospitals, and other institutions in Southern California.
  4. Host conferences and workshops on issues of men and masculinity. Special emphasis will be on issues where male gender norms affect the diverse communities within Southern California. The Center is an MCEP- and BBS-approved CE provider.
  5. Provide opportunities for CSUF students to participate in scholarly and outreach activities.


The Center for Boys and Men’s goals fit well with a number of CSUF Goals and Strategies, beginning with its mission to help to establish an environment where learning and the creation of knowledge are central. In terms of facilitating a learning environment, the Center will provide experiences on campus and in the community, including workshops, continuing education programs, and community trainings. The focus of learning will be on gender, with a strong emphasis on issues of culture and ethnicity. In terms of creating knowledge, the Center will support faculty research, encouraging interdisciplinary collaboration and the establishment of lines of research. Additionally the Center’s function is consistent with the University’s external community-centered mission: the Center will create working partnerships with community mental health agencies and schools, developing programs aimed at enhancing the well-being of boys and men.

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